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Your ultimate goals

Free & empowered

You aspire to come from a space in yourself that feels free and empowered, even in difficult patches and in challenging situations.

Clarity & connection

You yearn for peace of mind,
sparkling clarity, and a deep feeling of connection.

Purpose & fulfilment

You strive to lead a more vibrant life that gives you a sense of purpose and satisfaction – a place where obstacles, despair and bad habits cannot take over.

Your commitment


Dedication to the coaching process both during and between sessions.
Consider your life as a playfield for your training and progress.

Kindly intentioned

Letting ‘stuff’ – whatever it may be – bubble up and spill out of your mind and heart. This healthy release is necessary to overcome internal barriers and move forward.


For the magic of coaching to occur, reliability and wholeheartedness are key factors.

Open to change

You are capable of completely turning around if that is what it takes to access your free, empowered, and vibrant best self.

My assets & skills as your personal coach


Thirty years in the fields of banking, university hospitals and social institutions.

Expertise in Coaching, Management, Human Resources, and Finance.

The quick understanding and uncovering of your skills and strengths.

Identifying and addressing the ineffective factors, such as false beliefs, habit patterns and obstacles.

Skilful guidance through the coaching process to short cut your way to your successes.

Match or mismatch?


Fact 1

I am kind-hearted and empathic. I am also supportive and ambitious for you. 

Fact 2

There may be demands or situations that I cannot address even to the best of my ability. Therefore, a first trial session is necessary for us to decide if we are a match or a mismatch.

Fact 3

There are no strings attached to the free discovery session. So, relax whilst booking your first coaching meeting.

Fact 4

The purpose of the one-to-one discovery session is to grant you a taste of coaching with me.


Get up to 60 minutes of coaching for free

Enjoy a confidential conversation about you – where you are at – where you want to go.
This session is an opportunity to reflect deeply on yourself and to discover what coaching can do for you.

Newsletters primarily focus on giving you tips, state-of-art recommendations that you can implement in your daily activities. Life situations will also be described and analysed.

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