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Work issues

Is your career at a turning point?

Are you uncertain about the next step to take in your professional life?
Do you feel dissatisfaction or lack of motivation in your workplace?

Coaching gives you the tools to thoroughly investigate your work situation. And proactively analysing issues helps clarify the whys and what to do to step up.

Are you getting negative evaluations from management?

Are you frustrated because you think – or other people have told you – that you lack efficiency at work? Or your management or interpersonal skills need polishing up?

Coaching prepares you to pull up your sleeves and tackle working habits or interpersonal and behavioural patterns.

Are you spending too much time at work?

Are you sick and tired of finding yourself spending too much time at work
and too little at home or in personal activities?

Coaching helps you find out which changes in your daily activities are best for your happiness and your wellbeing. Coaching prepares you to investigate into your habitual routines and make the appropriate changes. As a result, you will feel a greater sense of freedom.

Are you experiencing conflictual situations at work?

Are you in a conflict at work that keeps nagging at you even once you’ve left the office?

The coaching process will help you boost your personnel strength and improve your mindset. As a result, change will take place and the conflict might even end up as an experience of the past.

Personal challenges?

Do you feel that your life is at a standpoint?

Too much negative self-judgement?

Coaching is a fantastic way to know yourself better. Getting familiar with the mechanisms of your mind and heart helps deploy and enhance awareness and clarity. As a result, your self-confidence increases, and your self-esteem strengthens.

Are you frustrated in your role as a people’s pleaser?

Coaching prepares you to set clear boundaries in the relational field.

Are you experiencing a life crisis?

Are you challenged by age transition issues (40’s, 50’s, retirement)?
Are you faced with health problems, death of a loved one, or separation?

Coaching will boost you and bring clarity. Processing life challenges is thus more manageable which helps to achieve positive outcomes.

How does coaching work?

Benefits of coaching

Coaching is a process where the coach supports the client to make changes, learn something new or achieve goals.
Successful coaching requires an active collaboration between client and coach.
In the coaching relationship, the coach plays the role of a facilitator of the change. The client’s responsibility is to enact the change.

Coaching makes you take a step back. Seeing the bigger picture of your experience brings a more insightful perception of your reality. It invites you to take the necessary steps forward to be on the right track. Life becomes more meaningful, vibrant, and balanced.

Main coaching benefits

Accelerates your learning skills.
Improves confidence.
Sense of self-worth.
Raises your self-awareness.
Provides clarity, direction, and focus.
Empowers you to overcome challenges.
Motivates you to achieve your goals.

Start living life by achieving your dreams

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How does coaching work?


This process happens through conversations, and can take place face-to-face, over the phone, or online.

Starting point: finding the goal that serves you best

What is your aim, what are your intentions?

Each goal you come with must be questioned, challenged, and probed. You will most certainly end up with a different goal that “digs dipper” than the initial one.

Example: Let’s say you wish to lose weight. This desire may hide a deeper concern related to self-esteem or lack of confidence.

Safe Environment

One-to-one coaching sessions provide a secure environment for sharing your dreams, your hopes, and your fears. In this safe space you can unwind. Indeed, everything you say is 100% confidential.


At some stage you witness resistance in you. Resistance is a normal healthy reaction that you will overcome as part of the coaching process.

What can happen during the sessions?

You get to answer thought-provoking questions that make you reflect on a deeper level.

There may be times when you will feel challenged outside of your comfort zone. The coaching process helps to break false beliefs, misconceptions, and inner obstacles.

You may identify your values and convictions in the aim of achieving clarity, empowerment, and harmony.

You will be defining an action plan that gives the appropriate steps to reach your goals.

You will be deciding and cocreating with the coach tailor designed tools, techniques, and processes to help you find what drives you, where you want to go, and the best way to get there.

What happens between sessions?

Between appointments, you will be doing tasks and/or training in accordance to your commitment.

You are constantly focused on levelling up to achieve your goals.

You have someone holding you accountable to make sure you’re following through.

People who work with a coach make so much more progress than they would when working alone.

Coaching process & frequency

The coaching process may be short-term (3 or 4 sessions), medium-term (3 to 6 months) or long-term (a year or more). It depends on the goals you wish to achieve.

To have an impact on a deeper level, at least 3 months coaching training is highly recommended.

Duration of the sessions
60 or 30 minutes.

Once a week or twice a month on average.


CHF 120/1 hour
Discounts are applied to 5 hours coaching and up.

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